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Taos Earthships

by John Kejr


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The Phoenix

Destined to become a New Mexico landmark, the Phoenix Earthship showcases Michael Reynolds' latest in both earthship style and technology.  This 5,000 plus square foot home sits at the north end of the Greater World Community just across the Rio Grande Gorge from Taos.   You have the opportunity to own this landmark which is being offered at $1,500,000

NEW! video and of this home

Video as of March 2010 now shows the Phoenix as a completed home.


Most people see this view Phoenix from US Highway 64 just west of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge from Taos.  This picture shows the home as it appeared in July 2006 with the outermost layer of glass not yet in place..  Because of its high profile location and impressive appearance of the house many people are familiar with the home and have watched its progress. 


The floor plan below shows the layout of the rooms.  The bedroom on the right is complete, the remainder of this home is under construction.  Please click on the image for a full size version of this plan

The design of the Phoenix earthship separates living areas from the outside by several layers.  This picture shows the semi-circular area marked "indoor lawn" on the plan above.  Once glass placed on the walls and roof of this area it will function as a greenhouse.  The back wall separates this area from the living space of the house providing much greater climate control than is possible with just a single wall of glass. 
The bedroom of the Phoenix Earthship is complete and presently availble for use as a nightly rentalThe right bedroom, (as shown on the plan above) is complete and is presently used as a nightly rental giving prospective owners the opportunity to actually try living in an earthship before buying one.


Photo Gallery of the studio portion of the Phoenix earthship.

Click on the thumbnail picture to see a full size image and descriptions.  Click the arrows to advance to more images.


The bedroom

Photo Gallery of the Remainder of the Phoenix Earthship

These pictures show the Phoenix earthship as of Summer 2006.  This section of the home is still under construction, but these pictures should provide you examples of the detail and beauty that this home will possess upon completion.  Click on each thumbnail to see a full size image.  Click the arrows to advance to more images.


View from Gorge View

Please contact John Kejr at Dreamcatcher Real Estate to schedule a showing.  Take advantage of this opportunity to own one of America's most spectacular homes while it is still available.


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