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Taos Earthships

by John Kejr

Automatic Notification Sign Up

What is it?

Would you like to receive an email from John whenever there is a new earthship or off-grid home listing? By signing up for this service you will automatically receive one with details from him whenever any broker (John or anyone else) enters a matching property into the Taos County Association of Realtors' Multiple Listing Service.  Once your email is placed into the system, notification is immediate and completely automated meaning that you will see often see listings before they appear on and other sources. 

Important notice:

Beginning September 7, 2009 the Taos MLS changed its listing rules to only allow listings within the states of New Mexico and Colorado.  Therefore, notifications will only be from listings within these states. 

My Facebook Fan page will include updates from all areas.  I encourage you to visit it and become a fan if you wish to have notifications sent to your Facebook page.

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Yes, please sign me up for automatic email notifications of Earthships, off-grid homes, and similar listings

Please remove my email from automatic notifications and do not send any more to me (allow reasonable time for processing)

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Which listings will I be emailed?

You will only be emailed listings that are either identified as "earthships" or "off grid" by the listing agent.  You will receive emails for each new listing matching this criteria and each price change.  You will also receive notice if a property is off of the market and comes back on.

Whom should I contact if I am interested in a listing emailed to me?

Please contact John directly with any questions about any listings.  As an MLS agent, he is authorized to assist you on any listing regardless of whom the listing broker is.

When will they be sent?

The computer will automatically issue emails as listings are entered.  The number of emails that you receive depends upon the number of matching listings.  In general, you should not expect more than a couple of emails a week.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you may use the form above to cancel at any time.  Please note that cancellation requests may take a reasonable amount of time to process.

Will I receive old listings when I sign up?

No,  Only new listings and price changes will be sent to you.

Do these listings differ from those seen on

While there is a lot of overlap between and the automatic notifications, there are differences

1.  Listings of other brokers do not appear on, but will appear in automatic notifications.

2.  Since automatic notifications use MLS data, you will not receive automatic notifications for listings where the seller has requested that the property not be listed in the MLS.

3.  Most listings are entered first in the MLS and later on  Automatic notification occurs often before the listing appears on the

Will I get listings outside of the Taos, New Mexico area?

John puts his listings on the MLS regardless of whether they are local or not so his listings will appear unless a seller requests otherwise. Listings not placed on the Taos County Association of Realtors MLS will not generate a notification.

Will I get listings that are for sale by owner?

Since only Realtor members of the Taos County Association of Realtors MLS may input listings, those for sale by owner will not appear.

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Call 1(888)TAOS-HOUSE or 1(888)826-7468 toll-free and direct


John Kejr, Associate Broker, Licensed in the State of NM

Dreamcatcher Real Estate, Inc.

515 Gusdorf Rd, Suite 2

Taos, NM  87571